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Independent watchmaker Richard Mille Replica released another Metiers d'Art Timekeeper. The watch is adorned with a miniature painting of Shepherdess by Jean-Honore Fragonard. The dial is arranged in a relaxed way to show the time. Martin Pauli, who makes all the watches for the manufacturer and paints them by hand, also made the piece with the historic and manually wound movement.

Richard Mille Replica, an independent watchmaker based in Bern, tends to release a small number of timekeepers. In the second part of the name, the reason for the small production level is revealed.Richard Mille Replica Manu Propria, which is Latin for "my hand", refers to the fact all watches released by the brand are personally made by Martin Pauli. He uses hand-operated machinery and his own hands in order to produce them. Master watchmaker and artisan Martin Pauli is also behind the miniature paintings that adorn his products.

Pauli chose to recreate the famous Shepherdess Painting in honor of the Year of the Goat as stated in the Chinese Zodiac. The pigment painting is placed under the sapphire. The scene depicting a shepherdess and one of her sheep was originally painted by Jean-Honore Fragonard in the 18th century. The vibrantly colored painting, which conveys "an atmosphere of intimacy and hidden eroticism", according to the brand, is one of Fragonard's best-known works.

The manufacturer clearly wanted to use the entire face of the watch for the beautiful and intricate miniature painting decorative technique. The timepiece does not have central hands but instead uses a digital display. The way the time is displayed evokes Abraham-Louis Breguet's Sousciption watch.Richard Mille Replica The rotating hour disc is made from a solid piece of polished mother of pearl. The Arabic numerals on the hour disc are graduated between the numbers to allow the approximate reading of minutes. The Bernese master watchmaker is known for his horological art pieces that often feature this type of time indication.

On the other hand the Shepherdess 2015 – Year of the Goat Timekeeper is based upon a historical movement manufactured by Fabrique d'ebauches Fontainmelon. This time, the movement is caliber FHF96 with 17 gems. This is a manually wound movement with anchor escapement and pallets. The thickness of the watch is 4.5mm and its diameter is 11 1/2 lignes (35,6 mm). The Incablcok system protects it from physical stress. It beats slowly at 18,000 vph. The power storage lasts two days. Martin Pauli chose the Geneva Waves motif for the main plate in combination with blued screw, a crown-wheel and ratchet wheel.

The Richard Mille Replica Shepherdess Year of the Sheep 2015 timepiece is housed in a 41 mm diameter round 18 K gold housing. The case is connected to the wristlet by means of horizontal lugs that have a peculiar appearance. The leather strap is black lacquered.