Top Roof Painting, Coating & Leak Sealant Service for Buildings in Malaysia

Our roof painting specialist contractor Malaysia specializes in supply and install on various types of roof painting, coating and leak sealant service for all kinds of buildings. Our roof coating specialist offers roof coating system, metal roof coating, roof coating system and heat reflective roof painting for residential buildings in Malaysia such as residential home, bungalow, villa, apartment, condominium or flat. Our roof painting specialist contractor in Malaysia provides metal roof coating, heat reflective roof painting, roof spray painting, roof coating paint supply and roof leak Sealant supply for any commercial, institutional and industrial buildings in Malaysia like corporate office, shop lot, hotel, resort, hospital, school, college, factory and warehouse.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Roof Coating Service in Malaysia

Our roof coating specialist in Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, KL and Klang Valley provides professional services on roof painting and roof coating of all kinds of roofing system for building’s owner. Our roof painting specialist contractor has a wide selection of painting and coating materials that will suit your roofing system and solve the unwanted roofing problems of your buildings in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur & Selangor. Our roof coating specialist aims to supply cost effective and long lasting roof painting service for all clients and companies in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Selangor and any places in Malaysia. 
Please give our roof coating specialist in KL & Klang Valley a call now or e-mail us any enquiries regarding our quality roof painting & coating services for your home residential buildings, commercial or industrial buildings in Malaysia.

Roof Repair Service For Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings in Malaysia

We also offer roof repair service in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, KL and Klang Valley, Selangor. Our roof repair service comprises repair of roof systems including roof leakage repair, roof tile repair, re-roofing, roof re-insulation, roof gutter works, roof truss works, roof ventilator works, skylight works for residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Malaysia. Our roof repair service in Malaysia gives you comprehensive roofing solutions from roof repair, maintenance, restoration to other roofing solutions. We service all kinds of roofing systems including flat roof or concrete roof, metal roof and tiled roof for residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Kuala Lumpur, KL, Klang Valley and Selangor, Malaysia.

Roof Renovation & Roof  Refurbishment in Malaysia

Find roof renovation and roof refurbishment service in Malaysia with us. Our roof renovation service will renovate your roofing system and replace broken roof components. We will also help to replace existing roofing system with re-roofing, roof tile replacement re-paint roofing system as roof refurbishment service to upgrade the look of your roof. Roof renovation service by us also covers construction of new roof, roof extension  to join with existing one. Look for our roof refurbishment service which covers KL, Klang Valley and Selangor in Malaysia. 

Roof Reduce Heat Service in Malaysia

We provide roof reduce heat service to residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Kuala Lumpur, KL, Klang Valley, Malaysia. Our roof reduce heat service in Malaysia is carried out by installing roof insulation layer to reduce heat penetration into your building. Whether is new roof insulation works or roof re-insulation service, we are dedicated to provide you a cooler environment in your building through our comprehensive roof insulation service. Call our roof reduce heat service to insulate your roof with our high quality thermal roof insulation layer.