Roof Renovation & Refurbishment Service

Roof Renovation Service in Malaysia 

Our roof renovation service helps to replace your roof, construct roof extension, join old roof and new roof structure. We improve the roof's appearance by replacing old, broken roof components. Old roofs and broken roof can be fixed by our roof renovation service with throughout inspection and replace process. If you are renovating your house and need a roof extension, our roof renovation service is perfect for you. We take charge of the new roof construction and roof joining to make it extends perfectly out of your exisiting building.

Contact our roof renovation service specialist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for consulation and determine whether your roof need major or minor renovation. We not only give your roof a complete make-up, but ensures it lasts for better protection to you and your family.

Roof Refurbishment Service in Malaysia

Roof refurbishment by our specialist is your roof maintenance solution. Other than major roof renovation and roof extension, we also take care of minor maintenance such as repaint, re-insulate, re-apply roof coating, roof cleaning etc. Roof refurbishment and maintenance is essential to extend not only the lifespan of roof, but also exterior wall and structure of your building. Call our roof refurbishment and roof maintenance for high quality service.